"Why would anyone in the right mind think that N1 and Nova TV are free media?"

"Why would anyone in the right mind think that N1 and Nova TV are free media?", asks Croatian writer Vedrana Rudan.

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Foto: Antonio Ahel/ATAImages
Foto: Antonio Ahel/ATAImages

"This text about 'darkness in Serbia' without these televisions is not even 'smart nonsense', it is pure nonsense", she pointed out.

She also connected the problems of the Serbian media with the United States of America, whose leaders have been advocating liberal democracy for centuries, which is why, according to Rudan, they unjustifiably interfered in the affairs of other countries in order to establish democracy there.

"If I'm not for Vučić, if I'm not for democracy, if I'm not for fascism, what am I for? The real question is, what am I against? I'm against all those who want to convince me that there is democracy, that there is free media, that America is the world's Red Cross. When the world, if ever, realizes that democracy does not flourish where 'money' reigns, maybe we won't read cretinous slogans on black screens because there won't be any media, which today are always and everywhere just the voice of their master," wrote Rudan, as reported by the Croatian media.

At the end, she ironically concluded: "For the worried democrats from Serbia and the surrounding area: Don't worry. Soon the dark screens will lighten up, the televisions will get a national frequency, I guess it is clear to you that justice always wins in the end. Especially American."


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