Batajnica is full of patients, the situation is incomparable

The end of this month saw a serious epidemiological situation, Covid 19 numbers are increasing day by day, and what is the clinical picture like?

Source: Blic

Covid 19 - positive patients who develop a more severe clinical picture are referred to the Military Hospital and to the Hospital in Batajnica. The increase in the number of Covid positive cases, however, did not significantly affect the increase in the number of patients receiving hospital treatment.

The director of the hospital in Batajnica, dr Tatjana Adžić Vukičević, says that a quarter of the hospital beds are occupied - they have 203 patients in seven semi-intensive care units and one intensive care unit.

Compared to June 28, this is seven times more patients - when there were 29 patients in this hospital, and one was intubated.

Yesterday, the count was 45 admissions, which is unusual compared to the previous days, when there were 20 to 30 admissions in total. Mostly older patients, in their seventies, eighties, and nineties, who have associated diseases were admitted.

"We have a man younger than 50 years old, with acute heart failure. I haven't seen such a clinical picture for a long, long time. This young man fell ill from full health," the doctor points out.

Pneumonia that is occurring now is different from other strains - it is milder and does not require oxygen support.

"It cannot be compared to the one from six, eight, or 12 months ago. Mostly, the virus affects the upper parts of the respiratory system, and a small number of patients present the classic picture of pneumonia," points out dr Adžić Vukičević.


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