"What is happening in the region can happen to us as well" VIDEO

At today's conference of the Crisis Staff, an appeal was once again sent to all citizens to adhere to the measures in the fight against coronavirus

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Screenshot/TV B92

As stated by Dr Kisić Tepavčević, the growth of the number of cases in the region can happen in our country as well.

Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević said that 365 patients were hospitalized. Most are from Belgrade, 106 people.

"We have repeatedly mentioned that the general measure of wearing a mask and keeping a distance is the basis of the fight against coronavirus," she said, adding that "wearing a mask is mandatory indoors, but also outdoors - if, for example, you wait in line".

The main difference between whether wearing masks is mandatory or a recommendation is that measures can be prescribed for bans, and as Dr Kisić Tepavčević said - the expert opinion is that masks should be worn in all major crowds, on promenades...

"These measures seem banal, but in order for us all to return to our normal lives, we must prevent the virus from spreading during this period," Dr Kisić Tepavčević said. She emphasized that these measures are also good in the fight against other respiratory infections.

Dr Kisić Tepavčević said that, when it comes to students, the infections took place outside the school environment. The way in which the teaching will function depends on the further epidemiological situation.

"When it comes to some kind of quarantine introduced by many European countries, it has shown significant results in Israel in particular. Given that the epidemiological situation is still stable, we have not considered any of such measures. The parameters for this are the occupancy of our hospital capacities and the number of people on respirators", Dr Kisić Tepavčević stated.

"The situation should be such that we can always take care of patients, not only COVID infected, but also others. The main goal is for all hospitals that are not in the COVID system to stay out of the COVID system," she added.

As she said, many still do not experience wearing masks and keeping their distance as part of everyday life, but we will have to accept that in the coming period.

"At least for the forthcoming period, until next spring, we will have to live with a mask," Dr Kisić Tepavčević said.

"When it comes to border control, it is a measure that is discussed every day, and at this moment we have not made a new recommendation, but having in mind the situation in Europe and the region, it is possible that there will be changes," Dr Kisic Tepavcevic said.

"The essence is to have a place to accept patients who need hospitalization because of COVID-19, and for the others to receive other patients, such as Banjica, who receives orthopedic patients," she explains.

She added that every day is a fight against the virus, and no matter how boring it is, these measures are really effective, and that self-discipline is the most important.

"I cannot understand that there is any other reason for not respecting the measure, apart from giving in," said Dr Kisić Tepavčević.

"We see what is happening in the region, it can very likely happen to us, but the transmission of the virus in our country is under control. We hope that we can become an example of a country with good practice in the region," she said, adding that we can achieve compliance with the measures, i.e. wearing masks.

Dr Kisić Tepavčević said that it is a serious recommendation that we all wear protective masks at all times.

"The position of the expert part of the Crisis Staff is that everyone should wear masks in every place and in all situations, but the operational team and lawyers warned of the legal basis of such a measure, and that technically wearing masks outdoors can only be a recommendation," she said.

The doctor emphasized that protection measures against coronavirus also mean preventing the spread of other respiratory infections.

She added that 80% of those infected are under the age of 60, and as she stated, the most risky are the large gatherings that take place. As she said, the elderly proved to be the most responsible, and the student population proved how effective it is to respect the measures.


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