New data on the accident: "The plane couldn't take off without the pilot's signature"

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that five signatures are needed for each military plane to take off, one from the pilot himself.

Source: B92

Vulin said that the plane is inspected before take-off by engineers who give approval for the take-off of the aircraft.

"None of our planes can take off without getting five signatures of engineers and mechanics who inspect the plane and the fifth signature of the pilot himself, where he also confirms that everything is fine and that everything is ready," Vulin told RTS.

He added that the MiG-21 aircraft that crashed in the Brasina area, near Mali Zvornik, was on a regular flight assignment.

"It's something we do every day, not a day goes by without such a flight," he said.

Vulin confirmed that a commission has been formed to investigate the cause of the plane crash.

"An expert commission of the Air Force and Air Defense, led by General Aleksandar Bijelić, is currently on the ground, and a commission has been formed by the General Staff of the Serbian Army, led by Brigadier General Popović," Vulin stated.

Asked when the first results can be expected, the Minister said that he would not rush the commissions, but that they would do their best and that it's in everyone's interest to find out what happened as soon as possible.

He stated that all the results obtained by the commissions are first submitted to the prosecutor's office, which decides on whether and how the information from the report will be distributed.

Vulin said that the MiG-21 does not have a classic black box, but that it has parameter recorders, which have not been found so far.

Two pilots, Major Dejan Krsnik and Captain First Class Zvonko Vasiljevic, were killed in the plane crash, and according to Vulin, three children remained behind them.

"The tragedy hit us hard, we will by all means take care of their children," Vulin concluded.


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