Refugees arrive in northwest, cross into Croatia illegally

The first two buses with refugees from Presevo, in southern Serbia, arrived on Wednesday morning in Sid, a town in the northwest of the country.

Source: Tanjug

Refugees are traveling from Asia, the Middle East and Africa taking the Balkan Route via Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, in a bid to reach Western and Northern Europe.

According to information Tanjug received from international organizations, 80 refugees arrived in Sid by 07:30 CET this morning, in buses and taxis, and continued in the direction of Croatia on foot.

These are the first refugees to change their route after Hungary closed its border in Serbia's north.

Refugees disembarked from one bus Tanjug's crew saw near the Tovarnik crossing, a kilometer away from Croatia's territory, and headed toward the country "avoiding the official crossing."

They walked through a corn field and entered Croatia illegally, N1 reported, quoted by Beta. A defense and rescue team and Red Cross teams are ready in Tovarnik, according to these reports.

Since none of the passengers from the first bus was returned to Serbia, "competent officials estimate that Croatian authorities have obviously accepted the refugees."

Local authorities in Sid expect three more buses that departed Presevo during the night "but also a continued wave of refugees in that part of Serbia."

Among those who arrived in the bus from Presevo was an Afghan man named Ali, who has been traveling for 60 days with hi wife and two children. Ali told Tanjug's reporter he left his country when he lost his job, and was now "looking for a better future."

A former children's hospital in Sid has been prepared to accept refugees. The building is located about 100 meters from the border crossing Sot with Croatia.

250 mothers with children can be accommodated there, while tents will be set up for other migrants.

Officials said they don't expect refugees to be staying at the reception center for long, but to be continuing their journey "very quickly."


Truckers end protest, passenger traffic restored

Truck drivers at Batrovci agreed to unblock the border crossing between Serbia and Croatia for passenger traffic on Wednesday, afternoon, Tanjug reported.

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