Authorities urged to "respect workers' rights"

Ombudsman Saša Janković has said that authorities must not allow that the pending reforms result in labor rights violations.

Source: Tanjug

He also warned against "the heaviest burden falling on the shoulders of workers and the poorest citizens."

"In the year that is expected to mark the beginning of necessary economic reforms that imply severe public spending cuts, May 1, International Workers' Day, is an opportunity to point once again to the importance of respecting labor rights," Janković said in a statement to the media.

He noted that he has warned several times that workers are left without fair remuneration for their work to which they are entitled to under the Constitution, as well as without contributions that employers are bound by law to pay.

People in Serbia are still forced to work in the gray market so as to support their families, and their pays are low, and their right to disability and health insurance at risk, Janković said.

The ombudsman said that this year he has again received a large number of complaints relating to corruption and preferential treatment of job applicants that enjoy support of some political party.

Overcoming this problem is very important not just because of the need to respect the laws and procedures, but because of the very reforms that lie ahead of Serbia, he noted.

If an end is not put to partisan influence during the selection procedure, positions will not be filled by competent and capable people, Janković noted.

The ombudsman said that soon it will be a year since he put forward a bill of amendments to the labor law to the Serbian parliament, with proposal for ensuring better protection for parents in work who, in absence of adequate services and backing, are providing 24/7 care to a child that is completely dependent on that care and assistance.

However, parliament did not even consider this bill, as well as the bill of amendments to the law on financial support to families with children, and the line ministry did not come up with some other proposal.


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