Dozens of students hospitalized for food poisoning

Some 80 students and teachers of an elementary school in Belgrade's Višnjička Banja were admitted to hospital on Wednesday with food poisoning symptoms.

Source: B92, Beta

All but one child from the Milean Pavolović Barili school who were yesterday treated at the Children's Hospital in Tiršova Street have been released home. One child is still in the hospital due to dehydration.

11 more are still kept at the Olga Dedijer hospital.

Director of the Children's Hospital Zoran Radojičić told Beta:

"The children have the same symptoms - vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration, while some are also in pain. It is now being assessed who of them can be treated at outpatient clinics or at home, and who has to remain in hospital."

Director of the City Institution for Public Health in Belgrade Slobodan Tošović told reporters that the cause of the poisoning was the staphylococcus bacteria, and said there would be no long-term consequences for the health of the children.

Tošović also noted that the "epidemic" had been contained.

Earlier, he told Beta that the food was probably tainted with the bacteria during preparation, but added that the real cause remained to be determined.

The school is supplied by meals by the Zlatna Varoš restaurant, which has denied that they were the source of the bacteria-tainted food, saying that they yesterday prepared meals for 2,300 students in 21 elementary schools, "by the same staff in the same kitchen, using ingredients of the same origin, in the same dishes."

However, the authorities will not allow the restaurant to continue delivering meals to the schools until the source of the bacterial infection has been determined.


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