WW2 communist veterans website hacked

The website belonging to the Federation of Associations of Veterans of the People's Liberation War in Yugoslavia (SUBNOR) was hacked on Monday.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The persons who defaced the website said they were "sympathizers" of WW2-era General Dragoslav Draža Mihailović.

A court process to decide weather to politically rehabilitate Mihailović is currently under way in Belgrade.

Mihailović was executed in 1946 by the communist authorities of Yugoslavia after he was found guilty of collaboration with the enemy and treason. During the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia, communist Partisans and royalists Chetniks were also fighting a civil war against each other.

A photo of Mihailović and a message were posted on the SUBNOR page, "but without indication about who did it", said a Tanjug report.

"The sons and grandchildren of those who killed Draža Mihailović are currently planning to do it again by preventing his rehabilitation. Draža Mihailović's rehabilitation would shed light on their role in history, which has proven itself disastrous to this country and its people," the message states.


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