Serbia is "accused" - "They have paramilitary formations"; Belgrade reacted urgently

BiH Defense Minister Zukan Helez caused stir mentioning the existence of alleged training grounds where, according to him, paramilitary formations were trained.

Source: Tanjug
EPA-EFE Philipp Gueland/Ilustracija
EPA-EFE Philipp Gueland/Ilustracija

BiH Defense Minister Zukan Helez caused a storm with statements about the existence of alleged training grounds where, according to his claims, paramilitary formations were trained.

Helez announced that there was a training ground in Bosnia and Herzegovina where paramilitary formations were trained and which was shut down and added that there were such training grounds in Serbia as well. He also said that he agreed with the commander of EUFOR that these forces would be relocated to the barracks in Bijeljina and Orašje. They are already there, Helez announced.

Serbian Defense Minister Miloš Vučević immediately reacted to his claims, saying that everyone who holds a state office must take care of the words and statements spoken in public.

I met Mr. Helez during the Forum in Brussels and we had a fair conversation, I saw his statement yesterday, I honestly do not understand what it is about. It's like we're talking about video games, the minister pointed out.

Recalling that Serbia is the guarantor of the Dayton Agreement, Vučević pointed out that if someone wants to protect Bosnia and Herzegovina, then he must respect the Republic of Srpska. "If you don't respect the Republic of Srpska, I don't see how you can protect BIH and what kind of message is that in the context that you want BIH by wanting to destroy a constructive part of BIH and threaten one of the constructive peoples. I'm talking about the Serbian people and I didn't understand what kind of message that was, what kind of army on the Drina, I really don't understand'', he added. He said that he hopes that Mr. Helez will visit Belgrade and that he is welcome and that he will use the opportunity to ask him to clarify "his visions".

We are committed to peace, we want the best possible relations with the Bosniak and Croatian people, the best possible relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. "Serbia is the guarantor of the preservation of the Republic of Srpska and the Dayton Agreement is holy scripture until the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina agree otherwise, everything else is an imposition of will, and that does not lead to peace and stability," Vučević concluded.

EUFOR reacted

EUFOR announced that the UN mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina did not observe or assess any change in the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They thus denied the statement of the Minister of Defense in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yesterday, EUFOR added to RTRS that they are carefully monitoring all activities that may affect the security situation. "On the basis of our mandate, EUFOR continues to proactively support our partners in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in maintaining a safe environment in this country," said EUFOR. They also emphasize that EUFOR continues its relationship with local authorities in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"We maintain our contact with local communities through our network of liaison and observation teams. EUFOR demonstrates an agile presence throughout the entire country and will conduct routine patrols throughout BiH to assure all communities of our presence and improve our situational awareness," EUFOR stated.


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