"What if we're not wrong?"; "Excuse me, Mr. Pupovac, was it Greater Serbia politics?"

Milorad Pupovac says that Serbs in Croatia think of Serbia and other parts of the Serbian people, but they talk to those with whom they think they should talk.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: B92, arhiva
Foto: B92, arhiva

Pupovac said that from Zagreb for the RTS show "Oko", reacting to the assessment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic, who was also a guest of the show, that the departure of Boris Milosevic was a wrong decision and an attempt to destroy Serbian unity.

"Mr. Dacic, we think of Serbia, other parts of the Serbian people, we talk with who we thought we should and we are talked to, but not in the way that it has been done, through certain media. We do not want that and we will avoid it, we will do everything that it does not come from our side", Pupovac said.

He added that if a mistake was made with Milosevic's departure to Knin to mark "Storm" operation, he would pay for that mistake.

"And what if we did not make a mistake and if this step will lead to healing the relations between the Croats and the Serbs, will anyone then say to us: sorry, brothers," Pupovac asked.

Responding to Pupovac, Minister Dačić said that Pupovac, justifying his move, "enters the clichés that Croats want".

"This is presently condemning Belgrade for its attitude towards Serbs in Croatia. To say that they had overcome the Greater Serbia policy. Excuse me, Mr. Pupovac, was that the Greater Serbia policy? How many Serbs live in Knin today? Who is the mayor today? How many Serbs are there in Glina? What is erected on the site of the church? In Smiljan, Tesla's hometown, there are no Serbs," Dacic said.

"How many Serbs are there in Croatia today, and how many were there in 1991? Are Serbs participating in the celebration or in marking ethnic cleansing?" Dacic asked.

He reminded that Pupovac had been in the Croatian government before and asked why he had not participated in the "Storm" celebration before.

He told Pupovac that he must learn to use appropriate language when discussing things, "and not to turn out to be arguing".

"I have the right to think that we made a mistake by attending that ceremony. Just as they may think that we did something wrong. Did the Croats give up denying the crime and their narrative? They did not," Dacic said.

He also asked whether the Croats gave up denying the crimes and what the Serbs got now.

"The messages that were heard today did not differ compared to previous years," Dacic said.

"Do we Serbs think it was ethnic cleansing? There is nothing for me to think. Just look at a census. How many Serbs returned to Knin?" Dacic said.

He also asked whether Serbs mark "Storm" as ethnic cleansing, or participate in the celebration, and added that there is a difference.

Answering the question whether the gesture of the Serbian representative's departure to Knin could lead to preventing them to break the boards, Dacic asked in what way they would make a turning point.

What rights should Serbs get in the 21st century, Dacic asked, thinking of electricity. "What are we talking about? This is their duty," Dacic pointed out.

"If we are to take part in the celebration of 'Storm' in order to bring electricity to the village, will they now prosecute war criminals, all this could have happened on the basis of a political agreement with the ruling party," Dacic said, adding that it is pointless to hope for the change to take place.

He reminded that Pupovac approached him back in 2012, while he was Serbian Prime Minister, with the desire to work on ways and means to resolve things between states and peoples.


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