Montenegro: University head alters grandfather's grave

University of Montenegro Rector Danilo Nikolic has replaced the stone slab covering the grave of his grandfather Stanisa Nikolic.

Source: Tanjug

According to the chronicler of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral Jovan Markus, Nikolic did this to remove the epitaph that referred to his grandfather as a Serb hero.

Markus told Srna news agency that the grave of officer Stanisa Nikolic, who had been awarded the Obilic Medal, is located near a church in Ozrinic, close to the town of Niksic, daily Blic is reporting.

Locals say that Stanisa Nikolic decided on the epitaph to be inscribed on his grave after his death, a wish that the family honored, and something that is recorded in photographs of the original slab that was covering the grave until recently.

However, Stanisa's grandson, after the death of his own father, decided to remove the slab with the epitaph, and install a new one, without any inscription. The question now remains whether the reason was the verse in the epitaph that read, "(...) for the salvation of Serb ideals."


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