Greece and Italy to be "policing" Montenegrin sky

Montenegrin Defense Minister Predrag Boskovic has announced that the airspace of Montenegro will be controlled by NATO members Greece and Italy.

Source: Beta

Boskovic told the Montenegro's state broadcaster RTCG that, with regard to airspace control, "the signing of an agreement is under way" with the Alliance and its members, Greece and Italy.

"It is precisely Greece and Italy that will do the 'air policing' for Montenegro, as they have been doing for many years now. That does not cost us anything," Boskovic said.

Montenegro no longer has any fighter jets and has only kept helicopters which, as the minister explained, would protect the sky at lower altitudes.

Beta is reporting on Monday that, according to an earlier report by relevant organizations (The Military Balance), which provide global assessment and analysis of the military capacities of states, Montenegro has 16 helicopters.

The Assembly of Montenegro has in the past days adopted a number of agreements that stem from the country's membership in NATO.

Montenegro formally joined NATO in June this year, as its 29th member.

Boskovic also said that Montenegro's annual commitments toward the Alliance, based on membership, amount to EUR 475,000, and estimated this to be "a cheaper system for the state."

"The Montenegrin army is absolutely ready for NATO membership," the minister said, adding that "further modernization of the army is of key importance."


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