Terrorist attack foiled in Serb entity in Bosnia

The Serb Republic (RS) police have prevented a terrorist attack in Janja, near Bijeljina, the Srna agency was told at the Public Security Center in Bijeljina.

Source: Nezavisne novine

Janja is also some 40 kilometers away from the town of Zvornik, where a terrorist attack was carried out earlier this year against a police station, during which an officer was killed.

The police said that a search of a hotel, "Dallas", turned up "a sizeable amount of prepared flammable liquids, explosive and pyrotechnic materials," that were "inter-connected with the goal of destroying this facility - which is physically connected to a number of residential structures."

The Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine is reporting that members of the Public Security Center (CJB) Bijeljina, the RS MUP's Directorate for the Fight against Terrorism and Extremism, in cooperation with the State Investigation and Protection Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina "obtained operative information that a terrorist act, or another grave criminal act aimed at endangering the safety of citizens and property to a larger degree, and causing religious, national, and racial intolerance, could occur in the area of the CJB Bijeljina."

Acting on this information, the police "gathered data on the potential targets and carried out a search of the Dallas Hotel, when preparations for the terrorist attack were discovered."

The CBJ Bijeljina said that "the timely action of the police and the Directorate prevented an attack, while police employees continue to work to shed light on all the circumstances that could have led to it."

It was also announced that all these activities were undertaken under the supervision of the Basic Prosecution in Bijeljina.


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