Hungary reopens station for migrants, but trains not running

The main train station in Budapest has been reopened for hundreds of migrants, after authorities closed it to them for two days.

Source: B92, Tanjug

People flooded the platforms when the gates were opened, BBC said.

However, no trains are running directly to western European cities. Reuters reported about "chaos" at the station as migrants, many with children, were trying to enter carriages "through the door and through the windows."

Their hopes that the train would actually move were shattered when it was announced that for security reasons, no trains would run toward western Europe.

AFP said the main entrance to the station was opened after 08:00 CET and that a part of about 2,000 migrants immediately started to board the train.

The Hungarian police last night asked migrants to clear the square in front of the station and move to an underground passage or to a specially designated transit zone.


Croatian embassy refuses to receive protest note

The Croatian ambassador to Serbia has declined to receive a protest note sent by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has been announced in Zagreb.

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