Hungarian police use tear gas in migrant center

The Hungarian police on Wednesday used tear gas against a group of some 200 migrants who tried to leave a center in Roszke, near the border with Serbia.

Source: Beta, Tanjug, AP, AFP

The police intervened after migrants tried to leave the main processing center without being fingerprinted, a police spokesman was quoted by AFP, which reported that the scene was "now calm again."

The agency said that "tensions escalated after more than 2,500 people, the highest ever daily total, arrived in Hungary on Tuesday from non EU-member Serbia."

More than 100,000 migrants arrived this year in Hungary via the Balkans, mostly from war zones in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Hungary is building a border fence that should be completed by the end of the month, in a bid to stop the migrants, but AP is reporting that they continue to climb over and crawl under the fence.

The agency said that "the fence is being proved futile, as record numbers of migrants keep entering," and quoted the Hungarian police who announced "2,533 migrants were detained on Tuesday, up from 2,093 on Monday and by far the highest figure of the year."

After requesting asylum and registering with authorities, migrants are sent to one of Hungary's refugee centers but most try to quickly leave for richer EU countries like Germany or Sweden, AP noted.

The Hungarian government is considering deploying the army along the southern border, and on Wednesday announced 2,100 police officers would be sent there due to record number of migrants entering the country.


Serbian citizens arrested for smuggling migrants

The Hungarian police have announced that they arrested three Serbian citizens on August 28 on charges of smuggling illegal migrants from Syria and Iraq.

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