"Greater Hungary" proponent came up with idea to build fence

The man who originally came up with the idea to build a fence along Hungary's border with Serbia is Laszlo Toroczkai, the mayor of the town of Asotthalom.

Source: B92, Jutarnji list

This is according to a report in the Croatian daily Jutarnji List, which said that Toroczkai "favors a Greater Hungary."

He is the leader of the far right wing Hungarian organization 64 Counties Youth Movement - which stands for expanding Hungary's borders to the size of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

In 2009 he was expelled from Serbia and prohibited from entering the country for the next two years for what the paper said were "territorial pretensions toward Vojvodina" - i.e., Serbia's northern province. Toroczkai has also been banned from entering Slovakia for five years.

According to the report, since the start of the year Toroczkai has been advocating building a fence along the border between Hungary and Serbia as a means to prevent migrants from third countries from reaching the EU via Serbia.

Last week, a Hungarian official announced the plans to start building such a fence.

The Croatian daily quoted Toroczkai as saying that "it doesn't matter whose idea it was" and that he was "of course, happy that the wall is being built."

"In that way we will protect Asotthalom, our state, and Europe. I think this is a historic step for which our children will be grateful to us," he said.

Toroczkai recently told B92 that a fence on the border was "necessary," as "hundreds of migrants are crossing the border every day."

"At the start of the year 80 percent came from Kosovo, now there are gone, but refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Bangladesh are arriving. They leave behind garbage, and sometimes invade homes and steal cars and bicycles. A wall is not enough, we need guards and surveillance cameras," he explained, and added he "did not understand the negative comments" in the wake of announcements that a fence will be built.

"There are fences and walls in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, the U.S., Israel... each country protects its borders, that's normal behavior," said Toroczkai.

When the Croatian daily's reporter asked whether it was "ethical and moral" to close the border to people escaping wars in order to stay alive, Toroczkai said that "Ukraine is the only country from which real political asylum seekers should arrive to Hungary," but that, "interestingly, refugees are not arriving from Ukraine."

"Throughout its history Hungary has always accepted refugees, and as far as this is concerned, there certainly are many safe states in the area between Hungary and the Middle East, Afghanistan or Africa," concluded Toroczkai.


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