Romanian prime minister under investigation

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta is investigated on suspicion of crimes including forgery, money-laundering, conflict of interest and tax evasion.

Source: B92, Reuters

This was announced on Friday by Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors, Reuters reported.

The agency noted that prosecutors "made a series of high-profile arrests in recent months in what remains one of the poorest and most graft-addled countries in the European Union."

"I came to the DNA (the Anti-Corruption Agency) like a normal person. I didn't give them any statement," ," Ponta told reporters on Friday. Asked whether he would resign, he said: "At the DNA, we don't do politics."

The finance minister in Ponta's cabinet "resigned in March after corruption cases were launched against him, while his father-in-law and other senior lawmakers are also under investigation," Reuters said.

Ponta, who served as a prosecutor before becoming prime minister in 2012, "faces general election late next year and his government is currently pushing a series of disputed tax cuts through parliament," the agency reported, and added that "the shock announcement" today "came shortly before the opposition filed a no-confidence vote against Ponta's left-leaning government."

Last year, Ponta had to give up his doctoral title, two and a half years after he was accused of plagiarizing his PhD.


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