Ex-NATO general Clark new advisor to Romanian PM

Retired U.S. army general Wesley Clark, who led NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia, will advise Romania's Prime Minster Victor Ponta on security and economic issues.

Source: Tanjug

Clark will not be paid for his services, Ponta’s office told AFP.

“He will offer his expertise to help the Romanian government build a new strategy to stimulate growth and create new jobs", said Romanian PM's office.

Vienna-based financial daily Wirtschaftsblatt reported recently that Clark was planning to return to Kosovo and that his Canadian-based firm Envidity had applied for a license to exploit coal in western Kosovo.

Envidity wants to produce synthetic fuel from the coal and is planning on investing USD 5.6mn in the next six years, the daily wrote.

Clark’s firm could produce up to 100,000 barrels of fuel a day if it managed to find sufficient coal reserve.

Wirtschaftsblatt added that there were about 14 million of tons of total coal reserves in Kosovo.

The former U.S. general has always had excellent relations with Kosovo Prime Minster Hashim Thaci’s government, the daily pointed out, adding that the Kosovo Economy Ministry had confirmed that there had been meetings with representatives of Envidity.


Referendum to oust Romanian president fails

Traian Basescu will continue to serve as Romania's president, since a referendum called by the country's government in order to remove him from power failed.

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