"Serbian Army is competent and ready. No one is rattling the weapons, but..."

Serbian Defense Minister Miloš Vučević stated in an interview with Večernje Novosti that our army is capable, trained and ready to perform any task.

Source: Novosti

"We don't want wars, we don't want any of our children or officers to suffer. We do not want other nations to suffer either, but our calls for talks, for dialogue, does not mean that we are weak or unprepared, indecisive. The minister emphasizes that the Serbian Army is many times stronger today than it was in 1999, as well as that the decision-making process has been simplified to the maximum, i.e. that the defense system has been brought to the level where it can react immediately, still in the hope that there will be no need for it.

"We don't want to go back to 1999, we don't want wars and suffering. No one is rattling weapons or playing war games. We are moderate in our statements, responsible, but on the other hand, we are sending a message to everyone that it is impossible to reach a solution if the Serbs have to lose everything and the other side has to gain everything. That is not a compromise, then it is a question of defeat and humiliation of one side and openly standing by the other side. These are ultimatums, imposing solutions. Which, in truth, happened in history, but then you have to take off your gloves and say it openly", says the Minister of Defense.

When asked if he fears that the war will be imposed on us, he answers that he is worried, and that the ministry and the Supreme Court are very cautious. Asked to comment on the claims that, if one of "our boots" entered Kosovo, it would be a conflict with NATO, practically with the entire Western world, Vučević said:

"We must all be aware that there are forces of KFOR, essentially NATO, on Kosovo and Metohija. We are not only talking about the special units of the police and Kosovo security forces, which they are now de facto turning into an army, contrary to Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council and the Kumanovo, Brussels, and Washington agreements, respectivelly. But who cares, they have their own agenda and despite everything that was agreed, they are pushing their goals."


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