"Kosovo designed as a NATO country"

Pressure on Serbia grows, and a plan is being designed in the western centers of power for Kosovo and BiH to be "pushed" towards NATO, Belgrade media report.

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Pressure on Serbia keeps growing, and a plan is being designed in the western centers of power for Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina to be "pushed" towards NATO, Belgrade media report. This would complete the circle around Serbia, and put Belgrade in a situation where it would apply for membership in this organization, Novosti reports.

The interlocutors on this topic point out that such tactics for the political and security reconfiguration of the Western Balkans have been considered in the leading countries of the Alliance for a long time.

According to unofficial information, the entry of Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina into NATO would take place in two key steps. The first is to change the decision-making system in the Alliance itself, where the principle of consensus of member states is now in force. Adopting a decision-making mechanism by a simple or two-thirds majority would remove obstacles to, say, putting Kosovo, which is not recognized by five EU members (Slovakia, Cyprus, Spain, Romania and Greece), under NATO's security umbrella.

The second step is to push into the Alliance against the will of the Republika Srpska and the Serbs and BiH there. The opposition of Serbs would be amortized by the change of government in RS, in the elections in BiH which are expected in October and the arrival of those who are pro-Western and pro-NATO oriented to key positions.

For Professor Mitar Kovač from the Eurasian Security Forum has no doubt that this scenario is very current and that the only ambiguity is when it will be activated: "The issue of changing the decision-making system in NATO has been a topic for a long time, but without any progress. However, now, given the crisis in Europe, especially Ukraine and the growing affirmation of Russia and China as global powers, NATO leaders could be forced to insist on changing the way they decide, under the pretext that it is necessary to speed up responded to dangers and challenges”, he says.

Kovac points out that Kosovo has been projected as a "NATO state" from the very beginning, because it is primarily in the interest of the United States and Great Britain that such a territory exists in this area. According to Kovac, a change in the mechanism in NATO would also cause a change in the way of decision-making in the EU.

President Vučić convened a session of the National Security Council for today. The main topics are expected to be the situation in Eastern Europe, i.e. the crisis in Ukraine, as well as in our region. New pressures on Belgrade around Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, i.e. Republika Srpska, will certainly be on the agenda.


Vučić: In 36 hours PHOTO

Today, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met with the ambassadors of the Quint countries and the head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia.

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