Citizens of Serbia, forget about traveling to the EU countries until further notice?

EU countries will reconsider in Brussels the list of third countries whose citizens will be allowed to enter EU based on the favorable epidemiological situation

Source: Tanjug
Getty Images/Matt Cardy
Getty Images/Matt Cardy

The revision of the list will be a topic on the sidelines of the ambassadorial meeting, and diplomatic sources in Brussels say that they do not expect changes to the current list of 11 countries, not including Serbia.

In mid-July, due to the growing number of people suffering from COVID-19, Serbia was removed from the list of countries that have "the same or similar" epidemiological situation as the EU countries.

The working bodies of the EU Council initiated a discussion on returning Serbia to the so-called "green list" for travel to the EU due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country.

The EU takes 16 cases per 100.000 inhabitants as a reference, although in most member states the spread of COVID-19 infection is on the rise.

According to the latest data, Spain has 320, France 235, and the Netherlands and Belgium about 170 active cases per 100.000 inhabitants.

Earlier today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia stated that he does not believe that the EU will put Serbia on the green list because politics lies behind everything.


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