Key question: Who is the Serb from the video with the "Russian spy"?

The background of the alleged spy affair will be at the center of a thorough investigation into Serbia's top security structures, "Novosti" reports

Source: Tanjug
Steffi Loos/Stringer/Getty images/Ilustracija
Steffi Loos/Stringer/Getty images/Ilustracija

The main actors in the affair are former Deputy Military Attaché of Russia accredited in Belgrade, Colonel Georgy Viktorovich Kleban, as well as an alleged senior Serbian official. According to "Novosti", the operations were probably ordered from the West, with the aim of compromising relations between official Belgrade and Moscow.

The identity of the alleged high-ranking official in Serbia, who is receiving a bribe and whose character in the video is blurred, is the biggest enigma in this case.

According to "Novosti", most likely it is not a high-ranking officer, as it was first published, or even a civil servant.

There are even indications that Kleban's contact is only the first man of a modest pro-Russian association operating in Serbia.

Yesterday, information emerged that the footage is two years old, and that the recorded Serb is a civilian who provided business information to Russians for a fee, the newspaper reported.

The security sector "Novosti" interlocutor states that all the motives of this operation are still unknown, but it is very possible that the West created the affair.

According to him, the repercussions of that affair should be sought in the field of politics.

"Such actions are most often carried out to disrupt interstate relations, so a possible motive for releasing the video is to disrupt the friendly relations between Serbia and Russia", he concluded.


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