Vucic after a sudden meeting with Macron on Europe's agenda, Thaci, "Mini Schengen"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic responds to an emergency meeting at the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, also attended by Hashim Thaci

Source: B92, Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug/AP/Ludovic Marin/Pool
Foto: Tanjug/AP/Ludovic Marin/Pool

After the meeting, Vucic stated that Macron and Europe wanted to play the most important role on the Kosovo issue, but that no "in-depth" meeting had taken place.

"The French President said this in the first place referring to himself and the German Chancellor, as well as to the European institutions", he said.

Asked if Macron had insisted on abolishing the tax, Vucic recalled that the French head of state had spoken about it on numerous occasions.

"Thaci is aware of this. It is not a question that should be debated, everyone knows about it and it goes without saying. We are waiting for them to abolish fees and talk, of course, if they want to talk about reaching a compromise", Vucic said.

At that unannounced meeting, Macron wanted to hear about current state of affairs.

"When they abolish the tariffs on Serbian goods, we can resume dialogue", Vucic reiterated.

As he said, he was realistic, slightly a pessimist, but truly honest.

"We didn't go too deep into the issues, nor is it possible to resolve it in such a way", Vucic sad, adding that Thaci said that they are going to form the Government in early December, while he said they won't.

"Them Thaci agreed with me on this", Vucic said.

In the context of "mini Schengen", Vucic said that he was interested in Serbian manufacturers, not Albanian.

"We need an open market because we want to be the strongest player. Why can't we have fast truck lanes and transport goods faster? I don't understand what is at stake and what they resent", President Vucic wondered after criticism of the opposition over "Mini Schengen."

Namely, Macron met with Vucic last night, with whom he spoke for more than an hour.

Macron had earlier reiterated his intention to engage France more directly in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, which has been deadlocked for a long time.


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