Serbia and RS to build 3 hydropower plants on Drina River

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Thursday in Belgrade that she was "absolutely satisfied with the cooperation between Serbia and the Serb Republic (RS)."

Source: B92,
The joint session of the two governments (Tanjug)
The joint session of the two governments (Tanjug)

According to the Serbian government, Brnabic also "expect that this cooperation will be much more intensive in the coming period."

Speaking at a joint press conference together with RS Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic, held after the joint session of the governments of Serbia and the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brnabic said that "both sides need new energy capacities."

Therefore, we are working on joint projects for the construction of three hydropower plants in the upper Drina River, and these works will influence GDP growth in both Serbia and the RS, she explained.

Speaking about the links between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, and Serbia with the RS, the Serbian prime minister said that infrastructure projects, such as the construction of roads, are a goal for the future period.

Brnabic pointed out that, as far as Serbia and the RS are concerned, everything was completed regarding the construction of the Bratunac-Ljubovija bridge, and added that she understands citizens' dissatisfaction because the bridge is not yet functional due to problems at the federal level.

However, the tender for the completion of works on this bridge will be finished on March 7, she explained, adding that a significant project for Serbia is the construction of a fast road between Serbia and the RS, which should go through Loznica.

Brnabic pointed out that the focus of cooperation in the coming period is the development of agriculture and military industry, as well as the work on the automation of anti-hail protection, with the note that the trade between Serbia and the RS amounts to about €1.87 billion.

Referring to the situation regarding Kosovo ad Metohija, the prime minister recalled that during the Berlin Process, six economies of the Western Balkans agreed on a roaming agreement, and that the idea was to sign the agreement on 4 April in Belgrade.

However, she asked how such important agreements could be signed when the Pristina side permanently violates all existing regional agreements.

When asked by the journalist whether she was satisfied with the dynamics of the opening of the chapters, Brnabic replied that she is not dissatisfied with the process, but not particularly satisfied either.

She explained that the dynamics of the opening of the chapters depend on the events within the European Union, but that Serbia is implementing the reforms and that it will continue, regardless of the situation in the Union itself.

Radovan Viskovic said that three hydroelectric power plants will be built in the upper Drina River - Foca, Paunca and Buk Bijela, with a total power of about 200 megawatts, and added that the investment value will be around EUR 450 million.

The Prime Minister of the RS said that the future route of the motorway connecting Belgrade with Banjaluka and Sarajevo has been harmonized two days ago in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the level of ministers of transport and communications.

According to Viskovic, he also spoke with Brnabic about cooperation in the field of military industry, in order to prevent further deterioration of this industry in the RS.

The Prime Minister of the RS expressed his gratitude to Serbia for all donations sent to the citizens of the RS and the Serbian population living in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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