"You think Albanians won't move to occupy North?"

Asked whether a paper mentioned in the press - proposing a final solution for relations between Serbia and Kosovo - exists, Vucic says - "judge for yourselves."

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"I better not respond. I think everyone knows the correct answer to that question, regardless of what they are saying," the president of Serbia told reporters on Friday.

As he added, the issue of Kosovo is the most difficult and the most responsible one, which reflects "all of our, but also his concerns."

"I will give you the answer why this is so, the shortest answer, but it will take a while...," said Vucic.

"In 2001, 2002, in the ecstasy of opening toward the world, there where many good things, some bad things also, we lived in the belief that the West did everything it did to us while acting not against us, but against (President Slobodan) Milosevic. They were assuring us that standards in Kosovo would come before solving its status. Then after 2003 and the assassinations of the prime minister of Serbia, we had even more attacks on Serbs in Kosovo, more frequent attacks were occurring. Then March 2004 happened. A pogrom in Kosovo, burning, destruction, and expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo," explained Vucic.

According to his assessment, this was "a way to move from standards to status."

"It became clear to everyone that Albanians would not meet the standards, not even in the next 50 years. They have demonstrated this a number of times so far, as well as that they are acting under the direct hat of one or more Western powers. They showed at the time - here's what can happen if we do not get what we want. It was all an introduction into the self-proclaimed independence in 2008, and the horrific lack of reaction by the then (Serbian) government and the horrific lack of reaction by the international community," Vucic said.

He then explained that he said all this "so that citizens of Serbia realize that something similar is happening now, when there is an increasing number of individual incidents in Kosovo targeting Serbs."

"These are coordinated and planned attack on Serbs. It's not by accident at all. You cannot say it's not an ethnically motivated attack if you attack priests and children," he said.

"To all this, Europe has been silent. To be fair, the American representative in Kosovo had a great reaction, calling those attacks by their real name," added Vucic.

"I'm braver than you think"


For all these reasons, he continued, "Kosovo is a nightmare for all of us, and above all for, me, as the most responsible, and ultimately as the supreme commander - because what will we do if the Albanians, with the logistical support of you know who, move to take the North?"

"I ask also those who comment in the press - what will we do? What is our reaction? That's why I want to reach an agreement," he said.

The question, said Vucic, is not whether he will be considered the culprit if the Albanians move to occupy northern Kosovo. Instead, according to him, "the question is what else they will take from us if we don't defend ourselves, and if we defend ourselves and react, whether this will put an end to our future or jeopardize it."

"What is our choice, tell me? Can you see it?," asked the president of Serbia.

"My job is not so much to follow political events on a daily basis, but to consider strategically, to see what is real and what is not. The easiest thing for me is to curse and tell them what I think, and believe me, I do tell it to their face and I'm braver than you think - but my job is to preserve peace and not give them any reason for any action," said Vucic.

"I do not believe in their morals... Do you believe them when they say they will not move to occupy the North? Nobody believes that anymore," he concluded.


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