"It's Ice, not Cold War out there; as for our reshuffle..."

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says the government's reshuffle has not been a priority so far of Serbia's top leadership.

Source: B92
(EPA, file)
(EPA, file)

Dacic told Prva TV that, regardless of the fact the government's reconstruction is a topic interesting to the media and citizens, at this point it may not be the priority that the state leadership is dealing with.

"These talks will be held with the president of the strongest party, Aleksandar Vucic, in the coming days and weeks. It will not happen in a few days," he said.

Asked if he was afraid that he, too, might get "reshuffled," Dacic said that "such issues are not solved in this way."

"I have the advantage of being the president of a party that is the second strongest in Serbia. So, there is the question of strategic cooperation, rather than positions, that is, the issue of SNS and SPS cooperation, and that's long-term relations," Dacic pointed out.

"Personally, whether everything will be the same or if some of our people will be replaced - everything is a matter of agreement," said Dacic, adding, "If you ask me where this issue is on my agenda - I cannot see it at all."

According to the minister, at this moment, much more important and serious issues are ahead of Serbia. "This is no longer a Cold War in the world, this is an Ice War. We expect more withdrawal of foreign diplomats, we are being asked to declare ourselves in the Skripal case, there is also the question of economic relations with China, then, regional stability...," Dacic said.


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