"At this time SNS position is to go only to local elections"

Once the SNS takes a stand and its top bodies discuss it, that stand is respected, says the ruling party's official and cabinet minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Source: Tanjug
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He added that at this moment the position of the SNS is to go only to local elections (in Belgrade).

"It seems to me that the SNS cannot in any way have the right to any position of its own, whatever stance we take, the next day there's somebody who will ask - should we talk about early parliamentary elections at all - and then the whole campaign follows - who are we anyway to be talking about this, and why we initiated a dialogue within the party, and whether we should be able to gather as members of the SNS and discuss any topic at all," Stefanovic told reporters on Friday.

"Unfortunately," he continued, he "cannot say that the atmosphere in the Assembly is good" - when he sees the violence carried out by people from Dveri and Bosko Obradovic himself, and added that he "cannot say that someone is happy about, and hopes that nobody in Serbia is happy about it."

"For a man to throw (a computer mouse) at Martinovic, literally using a fascist method to deal with a man with whom he does not share the same values, and thank God, he (Martinovic) indeed does not share anything with Obradovic, neither when he beat journalists, nor when he attacked RIK members, and I will not to forget the attack on Maja Pejcic," the minister said.

In general, Stefanovic added, this was "in general, a ghastly and savage behavior" meant to intimidate someone who has a different position.

"I hope that, at least under pressure from the public, this atmosphere in the parliament will change slightly and that people's deputies will act more responsibly, and by that I mean specifically the Dveri deputies, because they will not be able to achieve anything by force," Stefanovic said.


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