Ambassador: U.S. has no reason to bring down Vucic's cabinet

The United States has no reason to be bringing down the government of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby has said.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

Speaking for the Belgrade-based daily Blic, he pointed out that his country is "very satisfied with the work of the Serbian government headed by the prime minister."

"I spoke with Vucic and I told him clearly, 'America is not bringing down your government, we have no reason to do such a thing'," Kirby said, when asked "whether he spoke with the prime minister about the claims that some Western countries are working to topple the Serbian government."

The American diplomat mentioned a number of things the government and Vucic are doing, that the United States is satisfied with, such as commitment to Serbia's EU accession, constructive participation in the process of normalization of relations with Pristina, establishing cooperation with Albania, Vucic's visit to Srebrenica, economic pro-market reforms, fruitful relations with the United States regarding economic and military cooperation.

According to Kirby, Vucic is to be credited the most for all the good work done by the government. "Do you know any member of the government who advocates for Serbia's EU accession more strongly than Vucic," he asked."

Why would we work against him, Kirby continued, and added: "Why should we bring down his government"?

"Something like that would not make any sense," said Kirby, stating that he expected recent developments in UNESCO regarding Kosovo's failed bid to join - where the United States and Serbia were on opposite sides - will not worsen relations between the two countries.

According to him, cooperation in many other areas is very good.

"It is known that Serbia and the U.S. disagree on issues related to Kosovo's status, but then again, we agree about the current process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina under the auspices of the EU, which does not mean official recognition of Kosovo by Serbia," the diplomat has been quoted as saying.

According to him, in the past few years there has been important progress in mutual understanding when it comes to Kosovo, as well.

"On the other hand, we cooperate very well on a number of other issues, and the United States has generous assistance programs for Serbia. We think there is no reason for our good relations to change due to our differences in UNESCO," said Kirby.


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