"Serbia won't close borders, will build reception centers"

Aleksandar Vulin says Serbia will not be closing its borders to refugees, "but will build smaller temporary reception centers along the border with Hungary."

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The labor minister told the state broadcaster RTS on Monday that because of the tougher announced measures by Hungary, the number of refugees transiting Serbia has increased by about 20 percent, with some 3,500 expected to pass through the country today.

He stressed that due to Hungary's measures that will come into force on Tuesday, refugees will be spending more time in Serbia. For this reason, reception centers "where they will be able to rest" will be set up in Sombor, Sid, Subotica, and Kanjza, Vulin explained.

"Serbia is controlling the situation on its borders and all migrants will have to, as before, pass through procedures, from medical to legal," Vulin said, adding that "a meeting will be held today with representatives of the EU and UNHCR about the opening of a larger reception center in Belgrade."

According to him, Serbia will not be spending more money from the state budget on accommodation capacities - "instead this will be financed from EU funds."

"We will not allow anyone to freeze to death," said Vulin.

According to the minister, the only solution for the migrant crisis would be for the EU "to clearly present its plan, because individual solutions only make the situation harder in other countries."

"From the start Serbia suggested: call us, include us, even though we're not an EU member - we are dealing with the same problem, this perhaps should be resolved on, or even outside EU's borders," said Vulin.


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