Britain submits sixth version of its draft to UNSC

Britain has submitted a new, sixth version of its resolution on Srebrenica to the UN Security Council, Serbia's state broadcaster RTS is reporting.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

This version is "more unfavorable for Serbia than the previous draft," according to the RTS website.

The report adds that ambassadors of the Security Council will discuss this document during a session scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

According to RTS, the draft's is harsher compared to the previous version in the part referring to "genocide denial."

The draft no longer mentions Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic as those responsible for war crimes committed in Srebrenica, because they are still on trial.

According to RTS "a special format for the debate in the UN Security Council has been agreed" - a "briefing" at which their views on the events in Srebrenica will be presented by deputy head of the UN Jan Eliasson and Prince Zeid, UN high commissioner for human rights.

After that representatives of member-states will give their comments, and there will also be "a wider debate" - from which Bosnia-Herzegovina has abstained in advance.

The Belgrade-based newspaper Politika writes that the final version of the resolution condemns denial of genocide, and states there were thousands of cases of sexual abuse on all sides in the war in Bosnia, including in Srebrenica.


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