Russia presents its own resolution on Bosnia to UN

The Russian mission at the United Nations in New York will on Monday submit a draft resolution on Bosnia-Herzegovina to the UN Security Council.

Source: Tanjug

According to the media in Belgrade, this draft is "a counter proposal" to the British document on Srebrenica, and the Security Council will immediately start consultations on it.

The daily Vecernje Novosti writes that Belgrade will send a new letter to all 15 of the Council's members, pointing out that the British draft is "unacceptable and not in the interest of Serbia and the region, as it does not contribute to reconciliation, but to creating new tensions."

The daily Blic meanwhile quotes diplomatic circles who said that the Russian resolution does not mention Srebrenica or any other crime by name - but instead "condemns all war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s."

Russia also insists on respecting the Dayton Agreement that ended the war in Bosnia, and on reconciliation and cooperation of peoples and states in the region.

According to Vecernje Novosti, the Russian government thinks this document is much better suited to the debate on Bosnia-Herzegovina scheduled for July 7 at the UNSC, than a resolution on any individual crime, including that in Srebrenica.

The same newspaper writes that Britain disapproves of the Russian "counter-resolution" and does not intend to withdraw its draft, and adds that "in theory, the Security Council could debate both resolutions, which is not established diplomatic practice, or the British resolution could be the only one left on the table because it was the first to be submitted."

The daily also said that before Russia stepped in with its draft, Britain counted on the support from seven out of the Council's 15 members - namely, Chad, France, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the United States - but that now, "this balance of power could change."

The paper's sources also claim that Britain counts on its "traditional ally New Zealand" that will take over the rotating presidency of the UNSC on July 1 - and that this country and all other non-permanent members will come under great diplomatic pressure over the coming days, both from London and from Washington, to, "at any cost" prevent a debate on the Russian draft.


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