Gatherings in front of parliament "not prohibited" - speaker

Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojkovic said on Tuesday that "mass gatherings of citizens in front of the Serbian parliament were not prohibited."

Source: Tanjug

She was responding to MPs questions.

Gojkovic made the statement in an answer to independent deputy Janko Veselinovic, who said at the beginning of the meeting that the parliament’s Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues had made an unconstitutional decision to limit mass gatherings in front of the parliament building.

Veselinovic asked Gojkovic to repeal the committee’s decision, stating that only a law could render a prohibition of public assembly valid.

Gojkovic said that she could not repeal any decision made by a parliamentary body and that public gatherings outside the parliament were not prohibited.

In early June, the parliament’s committee adopted a decision on the rules of order in the two parliament buildings which governs the manner of entrance into the buildings, visits, use of their rooms and securing order around the buildings.

The decision states that the immediate area around the parliament building cannot be used to hold public gatherings.


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