Sacked Gendarmerie chief appointed deputy police director

Former commander of the MUP Gendermerie unit Bratislav Dikić, dismissed last week, has been appointed as deputy police director.

Source: Tanjug

State Secretary in the Serbian Ministry of Interior (MUP) Vanja Vukić confirmed the news for Tanjug on Sunday.

Vukić told the news agency that Dikić on Friday received the decision on the new job, which is in keeping with his rank, professional qualifications and years of service. The authorities he will have as the deputy police director will be defined next week.

"Dikić was appointed to the new post at the proposal of Director Veljovic," Vukić added.

The situation in the Gendarmerie is regular and there is no mention of any revolt or petition, which, according to the media, is being signed against Dikić's dismissal, he said.

"I talked with Dikić and there is no petition. The situation in the Gendarmerie is regular, everyone is doing their job and there is no possibility of any kind of revolt," Vukić said.

The appointment of a new Gendarmerie commander is expected to take place in the coming days, he added.

Commenting on a remark that a detachment of the police unit was allegedly disbanded after Dikić's dismissal, he said that "the detachment has not been disbanded. Its members have been put under the command of other detachments in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad."

He added that dismissals in such a large system as the MUP, which employs 45,000 people, are daily and normal at both higher and lower level.

"The work of all heads of organizational units will be discussed soon and personnel changes will be carried out based on this analysis and in agreement between the minister of interior and the police director," Vukić pointed out.

As not even the police are immune to corruption, Vukić said that the work of the Internal Control is at a satisfactory level.

He also announced an increase in the number of employees in the sector.

"The internal control sector works on clarification of cases related to members of the police, while the General Police Directorate deals with charges outside the police," he specified.

Asked whether the police is ready for the forthcoming Pride Parade, Vukić said that all will be done in order for it to be held this year.

He also announced a reform of the MUP, which will be in line with EU practice.

"We will change MUP's image and this will start symbolically with new uniforms," Vukić said.


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