DS leader says “handshake was act of politeness”

Democratic Party of Serbia (DS) leader Boris Tadić says his handshake with Kosovo Albanian PM Hashim Thaci has no historic importance.

Source: Tanjug

He pointed out that it was “only a polite handshake with representatives of Kosovo Albanians”.

The DS leader told Belgrade-based Prva TV that the act had “one symbolic dimension”.

“It should not be underestimated either but it is not an act with such a long range. It is much more important to complete the talks and find a solution for Kosovo and Metohija,” he pointed out.

According to Tadić, he was invited to Croatia Summit by Croatia’s PM Zoran Milanović and it is important for Serbia to take part in international meetings where decisions are made.

“If somebody thinks that I should not take part in decision-making meetings, then they have a problem with logic. Our problem with Kosovo has limited our participation in the international forums,” he explained.

The DS leader noted that he would not have had anything against if someone from the opposition took part in such a meeting while he had been the president.

“Everybody in Serbia knows that Kosovo is a big problem and that is getting bigger while it is not being solved. Even (late Serbian PM) Zoran Đinđić said that the problem needed to be tackled immediately,” he added.

Croatian media report that “there is a big ado over a simple handshake” and that the former Serbian president attended the Croatia Summit after the U.S. administration strongly insisted that he come.

Serbian officials did not attend the summit in Dubrovnik due to Thaci’s participation just like previous years.


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