Cedomir Jovanovic's car wrecked - an incident at the airport

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) announced that an incident took place last night at the "Nikola Tesla" Airport in front of the entrance to the airport building.

Source: Tanjug

Namely, as it is stated from that party, unknown persons smashed the car of the LDP chairman, Cedomir Jovanović, and addressed him with insults.

Jovanovic came to the airport to wait for his son who is studying in Great Britain, and while he waited for him, his parked car was damaged by a group of young men.

He parked the car in the stop lane in front of the entrance to the airport building. When he returned, he found broken parts of the car, while a group of young men insulted him.

According to the media, a group of unknown young men shouted at and insulted Jovanović with the words: "You sold Serbia" as he approached the car.

Only after that, Jovanović saw that the license plates on the car were removed, and that the wipers were broken, and the door was indented.

Two police teams conducted an investigation, and the whole part at the airport is under camera surveillance.

Jovanovic called the police, LDP added.


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