"Ivanovic was followed, cameras were off during his murder"

The first associate of Oliver Ivanovic, Ksenija Bozovic, says the GI SDP leader, who was shot and killed on January 16, was being followed.

Source: B92, Kossev

Bozovic also told Budimir Nikic during the Slobodno Srpski program that the entire investigation process is being "watered down."

The website KoSSev is reporting that Bozovic stressed she had given her statement about the murder twice, while only one unofficial call came from the prosecution in Belgrade, which is also conducting an investigation.

She stated that she did not give the statement because the invitation arrived "within a short deadline," and was not repeated. During the interview, Bozovic also characterized Ivanovic's killing as a "systematically organized multi-month political professional murder," and confirmed that he had been followed.

Bozovic said that she "received the answer" that the cameras installed on the house where the GI SDP premises are located, in front of which Ivanovic was killed, did not work from January 4 until ten minutes after the murder.

"This has also been confirmed for me by some representatives of international organizations. However, I did not see these cameras. But given that I know the personality of Oliver Ivanovic and that we knew that he received various threats, for all our sakes he would not allow them (cameras) to be out of order, especially not for 12 days. Now I'm asking for that receiver to be returned to us. Four months have passed, if they had something to see - since they say there was nothing - let them give it back to us, for us try to see what we can do. But, is it logical - no, and it is my claim that I cannot believe such a thing," explained Bozovic.

Bozovic once again spoke about being the first to arrive at the scene of the incident, where she found a policeman, who told her that Ivanovic had suffered "a heart attack."

She said that she noticed shell casings and showed them to the policeman, but that he replied, "Who knows for how long those have been here," and then called someone on his mobile phone.

"The investigative unit came only 20 minutes after the murder," Bozovic explained, and reiterated that the scene was unmarked until they came.

According to her, no more is known today than was known on the day Ivanovic was killed, and that she had the impression that the reason for transferring the case to the Special Prosecution in Pristina was "a leak of information":

"Can you imagine, for example, that some citizens in Mitrovica know what each of us have said in the Basic Court. So my impression is that the transfer of the process to the Special Prosecutor's Office happened precisely because of those things that took place in Mitrovica," she said.

She also pointed out that Ivanovic was being following since he was released from the prison and that he was aware of it.

"Oliver Ivanovic was publicly followed. When he was supposed to have a meeting with a KFOR general after he was released from prison, he saw the people who followed him. And now we even have information that the same people who followed him were in front of our offices and Oliver knew that he was being followed, but Oliver was a fearless man. When we talked about it, he usually said those were some kids that had been sent there to watch and follow," said Bozovic.

Asked if she was referring to Ivanovic's meeting with a KFOR officer and a report published by TV Most under the headline, "Is Ivanovic arranging an occupation of North Kosovo with KFOR and Pristina?" Bozovic replied:

"Yes, precisely so. Precisely what TV Most published, that Oliver Ivanovic was 'selling' the North... Oliver saw them, however, I say, he was a fearless man, he did not assign importance to it, because he thought it could never happen to him."


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