Police arrest 270 suspects in crime swoop/VIDEO

The Ministry of Interior (MUP) announced on Friday that Operation Aurora had resulted in the arrest of 270 persons over the previous two days.

Source: B92

The MUP informed the public of this police activity in a 28-page statement issued on Friday.

During the operation, police officers also seized about 25 kilograms of marijuana, 254 grams of heroin, 720 grams of cocaine, 4.1 kilograms of amphetamines, 580 ecstasy pills, 578 "various tablets," and about 70 kilograms of caffeine hydrate that is used to increase the mass of the narcotics.

In the town of Bor in eastern Serbia, the police found a marijuana growing lab.

13.5 kilograms of explosives in cartridges and one kilogram of gun powder were also found, along with weapons, including 68 rifles, three of which were automatic, 46 pistols, five revolvers, and 5,694 pieces of ammunition. The police also seized cash: RSD 234,120 and EUR 13,875, and recovered 20 stolen vehicles.

Those arrested are suspected of a wide range of criminal activities, including drug and weapons possession and trafficking, fraud, blackmail, kidnapping, extortion, violent behavior, domestic violence, grave bodily harm, child pornography, forgery, usury...

On the orders of relevant prosecution offices, the police filed criminal complaints under regular procedure against 277 persons.


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