Police arrest 93 suspects in series of raids

The Interior Ministry (MUP) said on Monday that 93 people were arrested in a large-scale operation targeting perpetrators of economic crimes and corruption.

Source: B92, Tanjug

The MUP said that the arrests took place in several separate raids across the country, and that criminal complaints have been filed in regular procedure against 38 additional persons.

Among those arrested are six police officers, including police chiefs in the towns of Bac and Kanjiza, a former head of the municipality of Trstenik, an inspector from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, employees of the Ministry of Justice, employees of city administrations in Vranje and Nis, employees in Tax Administration in Zajecar and Leskovac, as well as several responsible persons in the companies HIP Azotara in Pancevo and and EDB Nis.

In the field of combating general crime and narcotics smuggling, 56 people have been arrested, while 3.3 kg of marijuana, 170 grams of heroin, 53 grams of cocaine, 280 grams of amphetamine and 17 ecstasy pills have been seized.

The police also seized five pistols, one automatic and two hunting rifles, 1,582 pieces of ammunition, one explosive device with about 60 grams of plastic explosives and one rifle grenade, along with eight vehicles, one motorcycle, a tool bag and a sophisticated device for breaking into cars, 16 mobile phones and computer equipment.


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