Police to "increase security" in wake of migrant death

Aleksandar Vulin said on Tuesday that the state "will do everything to protect citizens of Serbia."

Source: Tanjug
Police at the scene of Monday's deadly incident in Belgrade (Tanjug)
Police at the scene of Monday's deadly incident in Belgrade (Tanjug)

The minister of labor, and social and veteran affairs spoke a day after groups of migrants clashed in central Belgrade, leaving one Afghan man dead.

Vulin also appealed on NGOs and others not to distribute aid to migrants outside of reception centers.

Speaking for the state broadcaster RTS, he said that while incidents like the one on Monday are something that "happens" - the Interior Ministry (MUP) would increase security measures, especially in Belgrade's parks.

"Aid should not be distributed outside of reception centers. I'm not saying that's what had led to the clash, but we must avoid any risks," the minister said.

According to him, fewer migrants both enter and leave Serbia, while those in the country are now staying for longer.. Vulin said that the state "controls their number and movements."

"We have reception capacities of about 6,000 places and will not increase that, because Serbia will not be a parking lot for anyone," he concluded.


Six cars torched overnight in Belgrade

Six cars in three different locations in Belgrade have been set on fire, the state broadcaster RTS is reporting.

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