"Biggest drug dealer" is in Montenegro "as tourist" - report

Just hours after being identified by Aleksandar Vučić as "Serbia's biggest drug dealer" Dragoslav Kosmajac crossed into Montenegro at the Ranče border crossing.

Source: Vijesti, Tanjug

This is according to a report in the Podgorica-based daily Vijesti, which also specified that the 61-year-old arrived in Montenegro during the night between Friday and Saturday, after leaving Serbia via the Jabuka crossing.

Tanjug quoted reports in some Montenegrin media who said Kosmajac "has been located in Herceg Novi."

Vijesti's sources said that Kosmajac owns a luxurious villa in Risan which, "according to information from well-informed sources," has been a gathering place over the past years for many people with criminal records from Serbia and Montenegro.

A source in the police administration said that no international arrest warrant has been issued against Kosmajac.

"No arrest warrant has been issued by the Interpol office in Serbia or any other country, and he entered Montenegrin territory in a completely legal manner. Had a local arrest warrant been issued against him in Serbia, officers at the border crossing there would have reacted," the source said.

The source could neither confirm, nor refute the allegations that Kosmajac entered Montenegrin territory with a Slovakian passport.

"Just like any other tourist who crossed the border that night, he had documentation that was completely in order," the source said.

The 2001 white paper of the Serbian Ministry of Interior identified Kosmajac as one of the major narcotics traders.

Serbian media have reported that he has also been named by protected witnesses and defendants in the Zemun clan trials as the person from whom members of the criminal clan obtained drugs.

He is alleged to have ties with international narcotics smugglers, and has channels for smuggling cocaine from Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia to Western Europe via Montenegro and Serbia.

There have also been media reports about Kosmajac's ties with the Pljevlja, northern Montenegro-born drug lord Darko Šarić but, despite the information the police have on him, he has never been arrested due to a lack of evidence, Vijesti reported.

Commenting on media allegations that Kosmajac has left Serbia, Serbian Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović said on Sunday that the police "know who is located where."

"The police are monitoring carefully and have all the facts at their disposal, and precisely in order not to make any mistakes in the investigation and in our next steps, I cannot tell you any concrete data, but we are aware of all the facts, and who is located where, and everything else," Stefanović was quoted as saying.


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