Arrest of two lawyers "further pressure on Serbs"

Aleksandar Vulin says the arrest of lawyers Dejan Vasić and Faruk Korenica "represents further pressure on Serbs in northern Kosovo."

Source: Tanjug

The minister without portfolio in charge of Kosovo in the technical government called for their immediate release pending trial.

"This is just another in a series of inexplicable arrests. Such behavior is incomprehensible, and I am afraid that Serbs will completely lose trust in EULEX members which will lead to unforeseeable consequences," Vulin told Tanjug.

Vulin demands that Vasić and Korenica be urgently released pending trial as the people they represent have an adequate defense.

He underscored that EULEX has to realize that Serbs are not enemies, and added that EULEX has to do its job in line with the law, and inform the Kosovo police about that in northern Kosovo, and respect human rights regardless of nationality.

"Storming the law firms and the raid that was carried out without the approval of the Bar Association, and the arrest conducted without informing Kosovo police in northern Kosovo and Metohija, really leave us shocked and we must wonder what the purpose of Kosovo police is and whether it has not been informed just because there are Serbs working for it," Vulin said.

In this way, EULEX police violated the law, rules and all agreements, he said, adding that this will increase the distrust that Serbs feel toward them, he said.

Vulin noted that, besides Vasić and Korenica, the three arrested Serbs should also be released pending trial: leader of the Citizens' Initiative "Freedom, Democracy, Justice" (GI SDP) Oliver Ivanović, former police chief in the Serb-majority part of Kosovska Mitrovica Dragoljub Delibašić and Laza Lazić.

Meanwhile, local Serbs gathered in Rudare, near Zvečan, and blocked the road in protest over the latest arrests. Mayors of all four towns in northern Kosovo were present at the protest.

Representatives of local self-governments warned on the occasion that they would "revoke the presence" of the EU mission in the north "unless EULEX stopped with its unilateral actions."


Arrest of lawyers "human rights violation"

The Bar Association of Serbia has reacted to the arrest of lawyers Dejan Vasić and Faruk Korenica from Kosovska Mitrovica and the raiding of their premises.

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