Six injured in Kosovo village blast

Six people were injured in a blast that occurred in the Kosovo village of Bostane on Saturday night.

Source: Tanjug

Twenty Serb families and 14 Roma families live in the village.

According to Radio Gračanica, locals believe that it was a hand grenade that was thrown, though the Kosovo police has yet to issue a statement on its investigation of the incident.

The injured persons were taken to the Gračanica hospital immediately. One of the victims was seriously injured and was operated on, according to hospital officials, who added that all six of the persons are now in stable condition.

Chazim Jashari (58) suffered the serious injuries, while the other five victims Vuksan Kostić (14), Danilo Đordević (15), Besim Jashari (29), Azir Jashari (33) and Marko Ivković (22) suffered minor injuries.

The incident occurred on Saturday night in an improvised restaurant-like building in the center of the village, in which people were celebrating the village’s saint day.

According to reports, the bomb was thrown by a person who was kicked out of the tent earlier because he was very intoxicated.

Serbian Deputy Kosovo Minister Dragan Petković visited the families of the injured persons and talked to villagers about the incident.


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