New autopsies for two K. Serbs

The bodies of Stanko and Stanica Bogdanović, found dead two days ago in Kriljevo in Kosovo, have been transported to central Serbia.

Source: Beta

The bodies were taken across the administrative line late last night, first to Vranje, and then to Niš, for additional autopsies requested by the families.

The family believe the pair of elderly Serbs did not die of natural causes.

Previously, it was reported that the 77-year-old Stanko and 74-year-old Stanica were taken to Priština for a post mortem organized by the Kosovo Albanian authorities, but the family on Saturday refused to take over their bodies.

The Serb community doubts a Kosovo police, KPS, statement, saying the deaths were of natural causes, and was demanding a new autopsy in Vranje or Belgrade.

Their niece Gordana Stanković says that the Kosovo police brought the bodies, without any autopsy report, and left them in plastic bags in front of the gates to her house in the village on Korimnjane.

"After we insisted to receive the report before we take over the bodies, an hour ago some report in Albanian and English was brought to us, but we do not understand it and we could not accept it," she said late on Saturday.

Also on Saturday, a large group of people from this and other villages in the area gathered around the Stanković home.

Stanko and Stanica Bogdanović were to be laid to rest yesterday, in Korimnjane.


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