Man arrested for threatening prosecutor, editor, ambassador

N.R. (42) has been arrested on Wednesday for using social media to send threats to U.S. Ambassador in Serbia Michael Kirby, writes a daily.

Source: Blic

According to Blic, the suspect, a resident of Belgrade, also threatened Republic Public Prosecutor Zagorka Dolovac and Veran Matic, editor-in-chief of TV B92 news program.

When the police searched the suspect's home, they found a gas pistol, the daily reported.

His messages to Kirby contained threats that he would be "shot by a Russian-Serbian army firing squad as soon as a state of war is declared, which will be very soon."

N.R. also threatened the same to Matic in an email, referring to him as "an infidel and a CIA collaborator."

The police are aware of him, writes the daily, as he has been detained before for sending threats, assaulting police officers, and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

He has in the past responded to summons and appeared in court wearing camouflage uniform. The suspect, who will on Thursday be brought before a judge, claims that he did not make any threats, but was "giving information about a state of emergency that is ahead of us due to a conflict with the West."

Despite the many complaints filed against him, he has so far received five suspended sentences.


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