Route from Pozega to Bosnian border packed with 66 tunnels and 27 bridges

Before the end of this year, the "Milos Veliki" highway should reach Pozega.

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Foto: Depositphotos, YUGOKYOGO
Foto: Depositphotos, YUGOKYOGO

From there, the main route will split into two, one towards Boljare, straight to the border with Montenegro, and the other should continue towards Kotroman and the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The second route, 61 kilometers long, will pass through the territory of the City of Uzice, and the general plan of this route will be made available to citizens for viewing in June.

All geotechnical and geomechanical tests of the terrain of the future Pozega-Kotroman highway route have been completed.

The harmonization of the project documentation is in progress, according to which, this demanding section will include 66 tunnels and 27 bridges, apart from the expropriation of agricultural land, no demolition of buildings was foreseen.

"The bridges form one-third of the complete section, one third goes to tunnels, the rest is an embankment, so the works to be completed are going to be complex, and it was agreed with the designers to search for the most optimal solution to provide access to all plots and all locations," Nikola Maksimovic, Director of PE "Uzice razvoj" said for RTS.

The main route goes via Pozega field, Rupeljevo, then the highway continues to pass Zlakusa, Potpec, Potocanje, Krvavce, Sevojno and Mokra Gora.

Three main roundabouts are planned on the route of the future highway, in addition to the entrance and exit roundabouts. Roundabouts in Mackat, Slivovica, and for citizens of Uzice, the most important one, in Gorjani, or Zlakusko polje, between the main road and the riverbed of the river Djetinja

"With this highway, we will get access to the main highway, we will get connected, it will be more comfortable, much more comfortable. Everything will start and industry, small companies will develop more, goods will come," said Vladimir Sunjevaric, Zlakusa local community representative.

A larger section of the highway, some 26 kilometers of highway will pass through the territory of the City of Uzice, where the locations of potential industrial zones are already being analyzed.

"As a city, we see this chance to bring not only foreign investors, but also our domestic investors, and see this as a new chance to open new factories, generate new jobs, and make Uzice grow and progress better and faster," Ms. Jelena Rakovic Radivojevic, Mayor of Uzice said today.

After the end of the public debate, the General plan of the future highway Pozega-Kotroman should be adopted by the end of the year.

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