New measures starting tonight: Detailed list of open and locked down businesses?

New session of the Crisis Staff was held earlier today. New measures have been introduced to fight Covid.

Source: B92
Foto: B92, J.J.
Foto: B92, J.J.

Serbia will remain "locked down" until Monday. Starting tonight, from 9 p.m. all catering facilities (cafes, restaurants, bars) shopping malls, all shops (not applicable to food and grocery stores), cinemas, museums, galleries, beauty parlors and hairdressing salons, bookmakers, casinos, children’s playrooms, gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, indoor sports halls.

In other words, epidemiological measures, similar to those imposed last weekend, will be imposed until Monday. As the weekend is usually non-working, it is important to emphasize that the lockdown measures do not apply to companies, factories and their internal work arrangements and businesslike activities. Also, during regular working hours, all state administration posts, post offices, banks, insurance companies, exchange offices will be opened…

Identical to the measures imposed over the weekend, the latest measures do not apply to the following facilities, allowing them to conduct their regular work hours.

• Pharmacies, surgeries, laboratories, dental and veterinary surgeries, veterinary pharmacies.
• Stores selling food products, markets, green markets, feed and pet shops…
• Independent retail facilities allowing shopping without entering the premises - kiosks and newsagents.
• Some facilities and shops that provide services that do not require a long-term presence of users and in which the contact is of limited duration, such as shoemakers, glass cutters, tailoring shops, carpentering, tire workshops, car registration technical checkpoints, car washes, dry cleaning shall be open too.

• Gas stations will be open for performing fuel sales only.
• Restaurants and bars within hotels and other categorized lodging will be exclusively open for guests registered to stay in such a hotel.

• The restrictions do not apply to sports facilities for the preparation and holding of registered competitions within the competent national sports federations.
Selling food or drinks in food courts and cafes along with the walking promenades are not allowed.

Introduced epidemiological measures will be strictly monitored by relevant authorities, inspection services, and communal police during the lockdown and the Government of the Republic of Serbia once again insists that all epidemiological measures are fully adhered to and appeal to the individual responsibility of all citizens of Serbia. All measures are introduced in order to protect the health of the population aiming to reduce social contacts to a minimum, until the final triumph over the pandemic, and contribution of all individuals are needed.

Vaccination against the Covid-19 will take a place without interruptions according to a predetermined plan, and these new measures do not affect the immunization process in any way whatsoever.

Brnabic: Support to the healthcare sector

"These measures are aimed primarily as a support to our healthcare professionals and the entire healthcare sector. This solution is a compromise since the measures are general, and will be in place for a five days period, despite the request to extend them to a period of at least 14 days. Whether we will extend them from Monday again, depends heavily on all of us. I appeal for maximum discipline and understanding of the situation our healthcare sector is in the moment, "said the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic.

Further discussion with all those businesses affected by these measures - caterers, musicians, photographers, will also take place.

"Yesterday, I talked with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, about how these measures will affect the economy and young people," Brnabic said. "We had a meeting with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Mali, about additional support for all those affected. I can't promise anything, except that we will try to help them to survive all this and wait for the mass vaccination to start giving results, and then we will somehow get out of all this," the Prime Minister of Serbia added.

Matic: Next meeting after the weekend

Following the session of the Crisis Staff, Television Prva hosted the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Ms. Tatjana Matic.

It has been agreed that all activities related to catering, cultural events, and sports activities will be suspended until Sunday. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations will be operational. Next week we will sit down again to see our next moves, to extend or to relax the measures" said Ms. Tatjana Matic, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

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