EU enlargement strategy, progress reports

The European Commission on Nov. 5, 2008, adopted its annual strategy document explaining its policy on EU enlargement. In the reports, the EC monitors and assesses the achievements of each of the candidate and potential candidates.


The document includes a summary of the progress made over the last twelve months by each candidate and potential candidate: Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo under UNSCR 1244.

The 2008 progress reports were published on the same date, where the Commission services monitor and assess the achievements of each of the candidate and potential candidates over the last year.

The EC enlargement strategy and Serbia and Kosovo under UNSCR 1244 progress reports are available for download in three PDF documents below.

EC Enlargement Strategy.pdf (326.37 KB)

Serbia.pdf (291.89 KB)

Kosovo under UNSCR 1244.pdf (294.63 KB)


WWF 2008 Living Planet Report

"Though not nearly as profligate in their use of resources as Americans, 1.2 planet earths would be required if everyone on the planet consumed like the average Serb."

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Hague Tribunal's annual report at UN GA

Hague Tribunal President Fausto Pocar on Oct. 13 presented the court's fifteenth annual report, in an address to the UN General Assembly. Pocar emphasized the extensive successes of this court, and the importance of member states’ continued support.

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