1. Pristina is working overtime to scuttle dialogue in Brussels because they know they can't win anything out of further negotiations.

    First, they are deathly afraid of what ZSO will become, because the moment it is established, it is the moment they lose any effective control over Trepca, Gazivoda, and Brezovica. What's more they lose large parts of territory, sanctioned by Ahtisaari Plan, in the north, east, and south of Kosovo.

    Second, they are far weaker internally then they want others to think. Tensions are high between PDK-LDK on one side and AAK-Vetevendosje on the other over other issues with Montenegro, the KLA war crimes court, and the day-to-day squabbles over which party gets to control what enterprise.

    Any further agreements that don't bring tangible results with Belgrade, which is under no pressure to recognize Kosovo, will only hurt them.

    Third, Pristina honestly believes the EU remains sympathetic to their side, and will cater to their demands if they issue them. Sadly, this is no longer the early 2000s, and the EU has more important things to worry about than Kosovo, but they still think they can change the course of the negotiation process because they need better leverage.

    Finally in a last desperate tactic, they can delay in time for the US elections in hope a new president will be more sympathetic to them and exert pressure on both Brussels and Belgrade to give them what they want.

    Delay and block is all they can do.
    (Reality is Hard to Accept, 29 October 2016 15:35)

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