1. Perhaps the fact that somebody from B92 googled a generic image of a plane, copied and pasted, and assumed the general readers don't really care what KIND of plane shows up in the picture..The bottom left caption in the image confirms my suspicion.
    This is the English section of a Serbian news media outlet Alan..

    I only pray you don't trip over the sections of Serbian/Albanian/Croatian commentators shooting each other online. It's the small corner of the internet that has no point of return.
    (Pijetro, 30 May 2016 04:45)

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  2. Hi all

    The person or persons who wrote this article really needs to do his or her homework before completion.

    With millions of aircraft photos online and a search engine called Google, What the hell has a IL76 transporter got to do with Sun Express Airlines beats me or anyone for that matter.

    Just a little thought next time you post anything check make sure it's 100% correct, it makes the difference of a good reporter than a bad one.

    Off track a little sad news that the passenger did not make.

    Director of Aviation
    (Alan Jackson, 28 May 2016 20:57)

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