1. Draguljub,

    When you find yourself telling people out loud what the devil thinks, it's waaaaaaay past time for a mental heath check-up
    (Danilo, 13 January 2016 06:18)

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  2. CROATIA has Serbia cowaring up against the ropes.

    Chetniks are squirming for Russia's military assistance but can't afford it by begging alone.....ha ha ha


    Never forget Chetnik crimes in Vukor ,bombing of Zagreb and other Croatian cities....

    "Brave Serb Coward Warriors" are complaining they might have to pay back for their criminality ....

    Late Justice is always better than NO Justice....

    KOSOVA,Albania is next for Anti - Chetnik Missiles of Defense😉
    (Azir, 12 January 2016 11:48)

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  3. Russia and God! Satan convinced him self that by destroying Jugoslavia he murdered Serbia, so stupid! Serbia much alive and ready to spit all the bad the Devil leashed out right back into the face of Satan! It will happen, we Serbian people never start the fight but with Gods Blessing this time around we will bury the Devil with his dirty and ugly head facing down! So the USA with it's brain rotting from all them illegal drugs and Germany dreaming to reserect Hitler, interesting combination that will wage war with God? The world has become very sick of Satan and his devistation of humanity! The world created by God so beautiful but evil humanity that follows the path of the Devil so cruel and ugly!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 12 January 2016 01:37)

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  4. (Just for Information, 11 January 2016 16:49) Croatia is getting also these M270 MLRS [link] bad boys from the US. To take out bridges, airports, Oil refineries and storage tanks, troop consternation's and their bases etc. They have the range to hit anything and everything in Serbia. The fascist Serbian chetnik chickens are squawking their heads off falling over them self's in fear aye yayay.
    (Lenard, 11 January 2016 19:09)

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  5. "I am concerned, not nervous. The ballistic missiles and launchpads that Croatia plans to buy have the range of 300 to 350 kilometers. You can target, from Zagreb or any other town, any town in central Serbia," Vucic said, responding to reporters' questions.

    In other news on B92 it was reported the weapons Croatia wants to buy were Norwegian NASMAS systems. [link]

    These are surface-to-air-missle defense systems, and according to the Wikipedia article, the horizontal range of the used missiles is 15-25km when used from the ground, which makes sense for a defense system.
    (Just for Information, 11 January 2016 16:49)

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